A Trip To The Psych.

A Trip To The Psych.

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Come in, sit down.
Hey its been a while.
Tell me how you are.
As I glance at your file

I can spare 5 minutes.
Whilst we sit and we chat
Oh and the voices aren’t real.
Did I mention that?

Is sleeping still hard?
Still awake all night long?
Are you taking your meds?
Are the urges still strong?

Tell me how you are feeling.
But please make it quick.
There are many, many folk,
Whose minds are as sick.

Yes I’m sure that is hard.
And its natural how you feel.
Did I mention before,
That the voices are not real?

Are you eating right?
Tell me who’s in your life?
Are you living with your folks?
Are you married? Have a wife?

Yes I know I should know.
Should have looked before you came.
But I’ve so many patients.
It’s the system that’s to blame

No of course I care.
I am just so busy you see.
You know those voices aren’t real?
Are they talking about me?

Saying I don’t really care.
That you’re bothering me.
Because that isn’t true.
I’m just busy you see.

So good. I think we’re done.
We’ll meet in 12 weeks.
Unless your mood crashes low.
Or your mania peaks.

But keep taking your pills.
Stay safe, that’s for sure.
Oh and the voices aren’t real.
Did I say that before?

And remember if you need us,
We’re just a call away.
We’ll do all that we can.
You simply have to say.

©Deep From Within/Kevin A. Deane 2012

[I guess, in the spirit of objectivity and fair play, I should mention that not all psychiatric services are as bad as the picture that is perhaps painted  through my poem above. 

Indeed, I have heard of several people who find the psychiatric services which they receive to be very good indeed.

I just don’t happen be one of those people. 

Poetry is, for me, a form of communication.  Painting with words if you will.  For me it is a way of communicating, of expressing,  that which is on my heart. 

Sometimes I write poetry which is intended to make some social commentary.  Sometimes it is but a humourous observation.  Other times it my way of inviting you the reader to think about a specific situation or common event, behaviour or attitude.

But poetry for me  is also a way in which I reflect upon, analyze, process and deal with that which is on my heart.

This poem was written for that purpose and by way of social commentary also.]

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5 comments on “A Trip To The Psych.

  1. Hi Carla,

    Thanks I really appreciate your opinions and feedback 🙂 I don’t get a lot of comments on this blog for some reason, so it is always good to hear what folk think of my poetry.

    Hope you are well.
    Kind Regards,


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